To The Beach

Mackeral Pedestrian Walkway 

Just opened for 2014 season (shortest way, ~ 7 minutes walk)

Path to Beach Option 1

New Mackeral Walkway Entrance

New Beach Access


Perch Street Access (~9 minutes walk) 

Perch Street is currently under construction to become a new pedestrian walkway to the beach.  You can still get to and from the beach on this route. The public access point to the beach is well-kept, and has refuse and recycle bins near the entrance/exit.

Perch Street Path Overview


At the end of Perch Street, look to your left and there is the Beach Access Entrance:

Perch Street Beach Access Entrance


962 Sunset Cresent Pictures 030


Bonito Street Access  (drive, park, walk)

This is a nice place to drive to and park with a very short walk to the beach access. Get up early one day, brew a pot of coffee, pour it into the carafe, grab some cups, blankets and cell phones or camera and head to the beach to watch the sun rise.  Check out some of the pictures below! Beautiful start to the day!

Bonito Street Parking Lot Overview

The beach is awesome, check out these pics.

962 Sunset Cresent Pictures 031 962 Sunset Cresent Pictures 032 962 Sunset Cresent Pictures 033

Beach 5 Beach 4 Beach 3 Beach 2 Beach 1


Dec 2013 pictures 036