Timbuck II 

Monteray Plaza

Super Wings-looking for beachware-bathing suits-towels etc. floats, toys, & souvenirs? just look for the big yellow buildings across US 12 from each other.. Yes, I  am not kidding you! (located along US 12 and in Monteray Plaza)

Kitty Hawk Kites/Surf Shop-looking for kites-wind spinners-beachware-souvenires-this place is amazing.  The front of the shop looks so small, but once inside, it is huge!  There is even an upstairs area, WOW! didn’t expect that when I first walked in.  A must go to place, even if you are just meandering around.  And the staff is really knowledgeable and nice! (located in Monteray Plaza-diagonally across the parking lot from the front of Super Wings)

ACE Hardware-look for the now PURPLE building.  It is THE hardware store, the only one located in Corolla!  (located along US 12 near Monteray Plaza)


 Corolla Shopping Guide